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Make your webcam as a security cam

Today I am going to tell you how to make your webcam as a security camera. This is not just a security camera it is  Motion Detection Security Cam. We can use the Laptops's webcam as well as the usb web cam.
So first Download the software from below

1.Then Install it. After that open it and choose your webcam from the camera selection tab

2.Now change JPEG compression as 50

3.Now go to options

4.Tic the "Use Motion Detection" in General tab and click OK

5.Now go to "Store Settings"

6.Then click "Add" button in Storage window. Here I am going to save in Our computer so I am choosing "File" here.

7.After click "Ok" a new window will open. In "Name" type any name you want to see in captured images. "Interval" means how many seconds should delay after capturing one image. Normally its good to put 3 seconds. In "Filename" choose a place where you want to save. here After the name you enter in saving place add as "%G%g".  As a example if you put "image" in file name you have put it as Image%G%g. If not images will be overwrite. (See the below image) 

8.Now click OK and tic to "Auto capture". Then click "Capture Now"

Now all are done very simple Now move across your webcam and check the folder you choose to save images.!!

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Anonymous said...
August 17, 2012 at 6:33 AM

going to try with my web cam

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