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Review of Samsung GALAXY Ace

Samsung announced their latest budget Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace back in January, and that we have simply been testing the Galaxy Ace for the last week.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with Android 2.2 Froyo, and it's within the near past} gone on sale in the UK, it comes with a spread of options you'd expect too see during a dearer smartphone.

As i discussed previously, the Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with Android two.2 Froyo out of the box, hardware wise you get three.5 in. capacitive touchscreen show with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

Processing is provided by an 800MHz processor, and there's conjointly a 5 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and an LED flash, and a spread of shooting modes and photo effects.

You also get a in-built FM Radio, Bluetooth two.1, integrated 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, and a microSD card slot, the model we have a tendency to tested came with a 2GB microSD card however it will take up to 32GB microSD cards.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace options 1350mAh battery, and therefore the makers specifications say that you just can rise up to 660 minutes of speak time on 2G, 390 minutes on 3G, and up to 640 hours of standby time on 2G and 420 hours on 3G.

Design, show and UI
The Samsung Galaxy Ace is meant to be a budget Android device, though it will feel okay created, perhaps not as high because the Samsung Galaxy S, however it actually feels higher quality than the Samsung Galaxy Europa we have a tendency to tested recently.

The show is sharp and crisp and therefore the style is superb and it actually feels okay created, and will quite simply be mistaken for a dearer smartphone.

It comes with a try of interchangeable covers, one black and one white, the black one options a rubberized texture that makes the phone simple to carry, while the white cowl is swish, and feels to a small degree a lot of like plastic than the black one.

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy Ace could be a 5 megapixel version, it conjointly options twofold digital zoom, and it's capable or recording video during a 320 x 240 resolution, no HD here sadly, and this can be one in all the cameras week points, the video recording isn’t the simplest, however I suppose this will be forgiven for the worth.

The camera on the Galaxy Ace is pretty smart ,  it will tight} job at capturing pretty decent photos and it's a spread of options in-built that embrace autofocus, a spread of shooting modes that embrace continuous and panorama and a spread of photo effects.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is meant to be a budget Android smartphone, and that i should admit i used to be pleasantly shocked with it, because it includes a vary of options that you just would expect during a dearer Android device.

It undoubtedly feels plenty higher quality that a number of the opposite budget Android devices we've got tested, and feels okay designed, the show is sharp and crisp and therefore the touchscreen is responsive.

The camera is good, it'll do an honest jobs on photos, video is another matter and if you're the kind of one that uses your smartphone for recording plenty of videos you will wish to think about one thing else.

Overall we actually liked the Samsung Galaxy Ace, for the cash it's a wonderful budget smartphone, okay created and really elegant, if you're within the marketplace for a budget Android device, i might undoubtedly suggest you add the Samsung Galaxy Ace to your list of devices to visualize out.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is out there within the UK from a spread of mobile operators, the model we have a tendency to tested was from mobile network 3, who are currently providing the Galaxy Ace for £199.99 on pay as you go and conjointly with a spread of their monthly contracts.

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Your Favorite iPhone 5 Rumors for Iphone lovers

Some of you will already be sick of reading regarding iPhone five rumors, however we have a tendency to simply can’t get enough. however even though the rumors are higher than what Apple releases, I’m certain we’ll see hoards of individuals waiting in line overnight, simply to be the primary to urge their hands on the new iPhone. bear in mind when Apple released the iPhone fourS? everybody was complaining that it had been rather like the iPhone 4, however return sale day, millions flocked to Apple stores round the world.

So of the rumors we’re hearing regarding the iPhone five, what interests folks the most?

Bigger, thinner screen

A lot of individuals are complaining that the iPhone’s screen is simply too little, and other people with larger hands have a tough time texting or sending e-mails. thus folks are very curious if consecutive iPhone are going to be larger, with 4-4.6-inch screen?  And if that’s true, it wouldn’t hurt if consecutive iPhone were slimmer to create up for the larger size.  Rumor has it, they’re using in-cell bit panels, which might create the phone slimmer because it eliminates the necessity for an extra screen.


Companies are pushing for cashless and cardless transactions, because it would be easier for each merchants and customers.  The merchants simply want a station for shoppers where they might faucet their NFC devices and also the transaction is complete.  As additional folks perceive the advantage of this, the question now could be, can Apple be part of the race? can the iPhone five very have NFC and can or not it's used for that purpose?

Nano SIM

Every smartphone or itinerant wants a SIM card thus shoppers might use it to decision, send SMS/MMS and to own access to the net within the absence of a WiFi network. we have a tendency to used to own some hefty SIMs however as OEMs makes additional advanced smartphones, the SIM size appears to be obtaining smaller.  If you thought Apple’s micro SIM was little, then you may get the shock of your life when the new iPhone comes out.  Rumor has it, the new iPhone are going to be employing a nano SIM, littleer than the micro SIM however not thus small that you simply would wish a microscope to search out it.


Some sources say that the iPhone five can have a teardrop form with an oval home button, however others say it'll still look very similar to the iPhone 4S, simply slightly larger.  It wouldn’t hurt if Apple modified the looks a little, because it would doubtless push folks to shop for, signaling to the planet they’ve gotten the latest iDevice.  Another thing: some say Apple is using LiquidMetal for the rear cowl, as it’s just about indestructible. thus those that usually drop their iPhones won’t have to be compelled to worry the maximum amount.


The iPhone 4S has an 8MP rear camera and a VGA front camera.  Rumor has it, the iPhone five can have an 8MP or perhaps higher rear camera, and a 2MP front camera. we have a tendency to can’t deny it, we have a tendency to all use our phones as our primary camera recently, thus we’re constantly searching for smartphones with higher cameras. except for smartphones being additional accessible, it’s easier to share photos using our smartphones.  The Nokia features a 41MP camera on the PureView and Samsung has the good shot whereby it chooses the most effective photo, and BlackBerry gave a preview of their BB10 device whereby you'll be able to dial-back thus you never have photos along with your eyes closed. thus Apple higher bring their A-game and provides folks higher than 8MP.

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Why the Apple Inc delay the Iphone 5

Apple, Inc.

There is a theory going round the money markets on.

Nowadays, markets appear to maneuver on theory, rumors and innuendo. This story, relating to Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) includes a theory and a rumor  - that makes it all the a lot of juicy.

One theory on why Apple, Inc., missed estimates on its Q2 earnings report revolves round the concept there has been (and still is) such a lot anticipation for the upcoming launch of iPhone five that a lot of customers held back their spending on Apple, Inc., merchandise till they'll get their hands on the iPhone five within the fall. this text discusses the idea during a bit a lot of detail.

That theory simply would possibly create sense. however what happens to Apple’s earnings if the rumor seems to be true?

Here is that the juicy rumor, that will or might not additional fan the fires of pleasure – or quench them with anxiety.

The rumor – it’s a rumor solely at this time, as a result of 2 totally different views are being floated – comes from this story by Larry Dignan, who heard from a report during a Chinese business newspaper that the chips necessary for the iPhone five  (called 28-nanometer chips) are briefly provide and can force Apple, Inc., to delay its iPhone five launch – expected in October.

However, within the same story, Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) – that is that the chief supplier of those 28-nanometer chips – indicated that it's “ramping up” its production and provide of the chips, and this item indicates that Qualcomm wasn't close to sit on its hands with its usual foundry, TSMC, whereas it's provide problems; Qualcomm Inc. used that as a reason for its down earnings and even a loss of business from smartphone firms. Qualcomm has given indications that it's expanding its provide base beyond TSMC to some rivals so as to fulfill the high demand, that the corporate stated in its quarterfly conference decision that it totally supposed to try and do by the top of this calendar year.

Apple and Qualcomm each want the iPhone five to create it to plug – on time. Any delay won't solely adversely have an effect on their next quarterly reports, however it might possible have an effect on their final CY2012 numbers. Who knew a 28-nanometer chip would create such a lot chaos and concern? Or if you'll … theory and rumor?

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Tips to protect your Facebook account

With new Facebook security measures there's no huge risk loosing your accounts. however day by day individuals notice new ways that to steal different people's accounts. therefore you ought to be additional careful if you post your non-public knowledge in your account. some individuals keep their non-public information like bank accounts different accounts usernames and password on notes. some individuals share their different on-line account details checking account details via chat. therefore when some one got access to your account they're going to steal all those knowledge. therefore you have got to be additional careful if you're sending your non-public and necessary knowledge on chat.

So how we must always use caution once we browse net? i am going to offer some tips how you'll be able to secure your non-public knowledge on internet.

  • Never send your password to a different person
  • Add each password recovery E-mail address and your phone range 
  • If you logged in from in different places, clear all browsing knowledge when you finished browsing net. 
  • Enable Login Approvals for advanced security. therefore individuals cannot log in to your account even they need your username and password unless they need cookie files from your laptop.
  • Configure Advanced net security choices by reading the way to increase Facebook security.
  • When individuals send you suspicious links, raise them that they very sent that message or is that an automatic message. I've survived from numerous hacking tries by doing that.
  • Don't enable untrusted facebook apps.
  • Use https when unless you have got some trusted app to run that not supports https

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Be aware of Facebook phishing Hackers

Facebook Phishing may be a huge threat to web users. during this post we are going to show you the way to guard your facebook account from hackers. There are immeasurable ways that to hack another peoples accounts. however immeasurable those bugs not operating currently. Facebook Phishing is that the hottest hacking methodology among the newbee hackers. really this can be terribly simple to try to to. i'll teach you what's phishing, the way to do it and the way to guard your facebook account from phishing attacks.

Phishing may be a terribly easy methodology. they use a pretend website} that appears like facebook or someother site. therefore individuals can enter their username and passwords once they see those pretend sites. subsequently those usernames and passwords can automatically send to the hacker by that program. that's the fundamentals of facebook phishing. therefore the way to shield your Facebook account? initial you must perceive this things terribly fastidiously.

Always check internet browser Address bar before you enter your username and password. it ought to be one thing starts like

those links are safe. meaning you're on the first facebook website. if you're directly making an attempt to enter a page then check your address bar once more before you enter username and password. it should be one thing starts with on top of 2 domains. after you see a link to open facebook on another website and if they raise to login to facebook via their link then you want to check domain terribly fastidiously. they're tweaking that URL to appear like FB domain. For an example i will post some sample links like that. i do not apprehend these links are literally exists or they're used to phishing. these are some imaginary links to point out you a sample. Most of the phishing links can appear as if this ( letter "O" is replaced by variety zero ) ( extra letter "O" ) ( it's a subdomain. that doesn't belongs to FB ) ( letter e is replaced by c )

Those are some imaginary samples solely. Most of the hackers use subdomains or free domains like .tk .cc some individuals use URL shortners. No internet website or facebook app desires your password. if they raise for them meaning they're pretend and most of the days they may be hackers. therefore never offer your passowords to 3rd party websites and applications.

Facebook workers works onerous to dam those sites and free host suppliers to prevent spreading those links. owing to that their is not any hude risk currently. however you've got to use caution after you browse web. hackers have immeasurable scripts to get pretend phishing sites. you want to use caution after you are login to your accounts by clicking a link on another place. continually check Address bar. really Facebook Phishing isn't an excessive amount of threatening currently owing to the new Mobile Approval methodology. it's known as Facebook login Approvals. currently individuals cannot use your account even they need your username and passwords

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DiaryOne 6.8 Build 2009.5.5.270

DiaryOne 6.8 Build 2009.5.5.270

That’s an excellent and wonderful factor to put in writing down our life. or even you would like to preserving the daily journal, log, etc. DiaryOne may be a artistic multimedia diary software for storing your personal data securely.

Key feature:
Diary to MSN areas - you'll publish a number of your diary entries, that you would like to share along with your friends, to MSN areas blog by DiaryOne simply by clicking.

information - DiaryOne software will store not solely texts however conjointly multimedia
information as well as sounds, pictures, etc. typically you don’t wish to kind into the
diary software, {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} speak to DiaryOne and it can record your voice. That’s the sound diary. And DiaryOne contains a built-in money flow accounts keeper, you'll write down your imcome and expense on a daily basis then get the monthly money flow report.

Secret diary - DiaryOne stores any
information based mostly on account. Before using it, you need to produce an account for yourself. The account is protected by the password you specified. all of your privacy during this
diary software can never be accessed by others.

Secure diary - DiaryOne provides the protection for your information. It backups your information automatically on every occasion you shut it. It conjointly provides the backup/restore and also the export/import solutions at intervals the
diary software. And more, DiaryOne provides a lot of plug-ins for exporting your diaries to ‘CD Diary’, ‘Web Diary’, etc.

Diaries from internet - DiaryOne will get the text terribly simply, only one click, from an internet page. once you are visit an internet page with net Explorer, good click on the page and choose the item Save to DiaryOne within the menu, then the text during this page are saved to DiaryOne automatically.

Personalization - DiaryOne provides varied skins and stationeries for your diaries. you'll choose a diary skin as you prefer, a lot of skins may be got from the web site. the varied stationeries will suit the varied mood. When making account, DiaryOne provides several show image for your account, choose one as you prefer.

Shareable diary - you'll publish a number of your diary entries, that you would like to share along with your friends, to MSN areas blog by DiaryOne simply by clicking. DiaryOne conjointly comes with a built-in email sender. you'll send your pretty diary to your friends terribly simply.

Easy to use - DiaryOne is an easy-to-use
diary software. All operations are straightforward and human. It conjointly provides the spell checker tool for your diary.

Stylish and real-diarybook-like interface - DiaryOne simulate the $64000 diary-book.

Additional materials - DiaryOne provides several further materials in its package as well as further emotions, illustrates and photos. you'll use them in your diary simply. Of course, you'll add your own materials into the materials library.

Quickly and simply search - DiaryOne will realize what you would like quickly and simply. you merely want enter a phrase for looking, then DiaryOne can list the results to you.

Ensure the latest
version - DiaryOne comes with a built-in good update system, it'll check for brand spanking new version automatically. this may make sure you are using the newest
version of DiaryOne. The latest
version means a lot of powerful and fewer bugs.


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20 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tips and tricks

20 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tips and tricksGoogle's

latest version of its Android software takes it up to version four.0 and better, that is usually called the Ice Cream Sandwich update of the mobile OS.
The big selling purpose is that it unifies the expertise across all hardware, therefore users of phones running ICS see largely an equivalent interface, albeit with some layout changes for the larger screened devices.
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Of course, there is still the problem of manufacturer skins to require under consideration. whereas Android four.0 offers a basic and seriously updated feature set, some tools and options is also missing or accessed through completely different|completely different} means that when using an equivalent OS on phones created by different firms.
So Samsung's Android four.0 update, that we're seeing arrive on its Galaxy S II straight away, appearance and works differently to the Android four.0 you may shortly see arriving on HTC's exciting new One Series of phones.
Which makes compiling a listing of tips that employment on all versions of the OS out there rather exhausting. however enough of our moaning. Here are many helpful shortcuts to obtaining the foremost out of your Ice Cream Sandwich serving, whenever the metaphorical waitress decides to bring it to your metaphorical table.

1. Add fast controls to the browser

One of the choices buried beneath the Labs section of Android four.0's internet browser is that the fast Controls possibility. This adds a pop-out menu to the browser, that pulls in an exceedingly very little semi-circular assortment of shortcuts to the most browser options, removing the URL bar and supplying you with a lot of screen to play with. Also, holding down the rear button is that the Android customary approach of citing the bookmarks and history tool, too. however that is been around for years.

Quick controls

2. Long-press to uninstall

Long-pressing on an app at intervals the app drawer enables you to drag it to a Home screen, however it conjointly pops up some of menus along the highest of the screen. App information provides you the boring technical stuff concerning what proportion memory it's taking over, otherwise you will fling it off the opposite thanks to uninstall it.

3. Flying Android screensaver

One odd undocumented very little secret at intervals Android four.0 is that this strange very little assortment of flying Androids, that you'll... look at. examine for as long as you prefer. To activate it, head into the phone's concerning screen and hammer away at the Android Version tab and it will all happen.

Flying Androids

4. Save your eyes with inverted rendering

Inverted rendering may be a posh approach of claiming it makes the pages black and turns the text white, therefore it's like you are reading the net from 1997. It conjointly supposedly saves battery, and is simpler on the eyes if you are reading within the dark. It's below the browser's settings tab, at intervals the accessibility space - and there is a distinction slider, too.

Inverted rendering

5. Set a custom rejection text message

When your Twitter action is rudely interrupted by somebody truly telephoning you, there is a polite thanks to offer the caller the boot. Android 4.0 lets users ping a rejection text message to callers - and you are able to customize this too. simply answer a decision and ping the lock screen notification up to access to custom rejection messaging space.

6. Stop app icons automatically showing

One of the numerous new ICS options is that the approach Google lets apps automatically add shortcuts to themselves on your Home screen when they've finished putting in. It's helpful, however if you are a management freak and want to stay 100% answerable of your Home layout, head to the Google Play app's settings tab and untick the Auto-add Shortcuts toggle.

Home Screen

7. there is a Settings shortcut within the Notifications pane

That little settings icon within the ICS notifications space is not only art to fill the area. it is a shortcut to your phone or tablet's settings space. therefore use that rather than giving it a Home screen icon slot all to itself.

8. Manually shut apps

Google's beautiful new recent apps multitasking menu conjointly enables you to shut apps quickly, must you suspect one's gone rogue. A Long-press at intervals the Recent Apps listing enables you to visit the app's information page, from where you'll simply force shut it.


9. take away the lock screen

It's potential to thoroughly bin your Android four.0 lock screen, creating the phone instantly flip itself on after you press the facility button. it is a security nightmare, however if your phone lives entirely on your desk and you demand instant access with none unlocking, head to Security > Screen lock and choose none. Then be terribly careful.

10. Folders within the dock

Android's new official love of folder formation creates it dead straightforward to mix app shortcuts and make folders, just by dragging one icon on high of another. you'll create these teams of apps even easier to access by dragging a folder onto the ICS floating dock, which means you'll squeeze stacks a lot of content on to every creaking Home screen.


11. Take photos whereas recording video

The Android four.0 camera app that arrived with the Galaxy Nexus has one cool very little additional feature - the flexibility to fireside off still photos whereas recording video clips. merely tapping the screen takes an attempt at full resolution, that is saved to the phone's gallery whereas the video's still happily recording away.


12. Bin animations and transitions

Hidden at intervals the Developer choices section of the Ice Cream Sandwich software are quite many nerdy ways in which to adapt your phone. Most will not be of any use to people who are simply using their phone as a phone, however if you wish it to feel faster, or a minimum of look alittle totally different, the scrolling, zooming effects on windows and menus will be edited in some ways.

13. Take a grab of your phone

Screen grabbing of your phone's show is finally in Android. On the Galaxy Nexus, it's activated through holding the facility button and volume down switch. On HTC's new models it's done by holding the facility button and pressing Home. alternative phones had totally different techniques for doing this before Ice Cream Sandwich, however it's smart to ascertain this currently changing into a part of the quality Android feature set in Android four.0.


14. Long-press dotted words

When typing on the Android four.0 keyboard, you'll see some instructed words seem with the "..." icon beneath. Doing a long-press on this one can pop up a far larger window of instructed words, letting you bail out on a number of that tedious typing alittle quicker.

15. Add extra faces

The ICS face unlock feature, as found within the Galaxy Nexus, enables you to unlock it by scanning your face with the front camera. that is nice, however what if you haven't shaved for a month? The software will truly store multiple pictures of your face, therefore you'll do left parting, right parting, shaved, unshaved - or perhaps add a trusted a follower to the visually verified user list.

Face unlock

16. Experiment with GPU settings

Another hidden very little gem found at intervals the event choices tab is that the hardware acceleration 'Force On' toggle. This makes ICS decide to boost the performance of any apps that do not already use the feature. it's going to conjointly break them within the method, though, therefore it's one thing of an effort and error fiddling exercise to try to to on a awfully rainy day.

17. sort like an adult

Make a indicate grammatical standards during this day and age by long-pressing on the stock Android four.0 keyboard's full stop button. This brings up such doomed punctuation as commas and speech marks, and even a semicolon for the additional brave mobile typist.

Adult typing

18. Nick wallpapers off the net

Found a beautiful photograph of some stars, a reasonably laptop generated planet or perhaps the mighty Professor Brian Cox himself? Long-pressing on any image within the internet browsers enables you to instantly set it as your wallpaper, while not the effort of saving it, finding it, and setting it the good distance.

19. Limit background method

If you fancy an excellent a lot of serious little bit of fiddling, an equivalent ICS developer space contains the choice to "limit background process" demands by the OS. you'll use this to prevent your phone or pill storing such a lot of apps in memory. whether or not this has any impact of the particular battery lifetime of us users is up for dialogue, but again, it's one thing to play with and see if it suits your phone use patterns.

20. Quickly access Notifications

Here's an easy nonetheless huge amendment Google's created in Android four.0 - the Notifications pane will be accessed from the lock screen. Press power, bit the Notifications space, then scroll all the way down to scan your latest messages. clearly it is a little bit of a security risk and lets anyone access your messages, therefore best watch out.

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Androi Tips 5 (Google Voice integration)

                                           Google Voice integration

One of the simplest things regarding Android is its tight integration with the Google Apps suite. The Gmail consumer, as an example, is leaps and bounds prior to its iOS counterpart, providing you with the power to tag, filter, switch accounts, and just do regarding everything you'll do on the desktop version. perhaps the foremost versatile member of the Google Apps squad, though, is Google Voice.
Voice offers you a brand new phone variety (or you'll carry over your existing mobile number) that's tied to your Google account. you'll do all varieties of nifty things with this variety, like setting totally different voicemail greetings for various callers, forwarding the quantity to a separate line (or two), and having voicemails automatically transcribed to text therefore you'll browse them like regular messages. If you are moving to a brand new town, you would possibly additionally take into account signing up for a Google Voice variety with space|a neighborhood} area code – that method you'll droop on to your original variety, however additionally get the advantages of native calling rates.
With the correct setup, you'll additionally use Google Voice to induce free texts – notwithstanding your phone arrange does not embrace texting. Your Google Voice variety will each send and receive texts without charge, and your Android phone can offer you the choice to use that Voice variety because the default. Alternatively, ready to} tell it to forward texts as emails (you'll be able to answer incoming texts by email, as well). As long as you retain the info portion of your phone arrange, you'll pretty safely drop the messaging half.

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Android Tips 4 (Keep tabs on your data)

                                          Keep tabs on your data

Lots of Android users are on unmetered knowledge plans – for instance, the Sprint and Verizon networks within the US have unlimited plans (though the latter, given that you have been grandfathered in). however the remainder folks must live with solely a precise quantity of information every month, and also the overage charges will be pretty punitive.

Fortunately, it's fairly straightforward to create certain you are living inside your suggests that, data-wise. Ice Cream Sandwich offers you a built-in thanks to keep tabs on your knowledge. simply head over to the "Data usage" section of settings. additionally to showing you ways abundant mobile knowledge every app has used, it's going to conjointly allow you to set a warning when your knowledge usage approaches a precise limit and a tough stop when it reaches a specific threshold. to Illustrate you are on a regular 2GB/month set up. you may set a warning once you reach one.5GB, and a limit on knowledge once you get to one.9GB.

For Froyo, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb, attempt the free Onavo app. It really contains a few additional options than Ice Cream Sandwich's knowledge monitor, together with the power to line limits for individual apps and/or prohibit them to Wi-Fi solely.

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Android Tips 3 (Personalized voice recognition)

 Personalized voice recognition

It's not quite as sturdy as Siri on iOS, however Android’s built-in voice recognition software is surprisingly capable. strive it out: from a text input field, click the microphone button to the left of the house bar. you will be ready to dictate text messages, fill a field, or maybe search the online while not having to faucet something out together with your thumbs. (To get that last operate, Froyo and Gingerbread users might need to download Google's free Voice Search app.)

Of course, the text recognition engine generally delivers less-than-accurate, or downright comedic, results. If that is happening additional usually than you would like, strive turning on personalised voice recognition in your device’s Settings. faucet "Language and Input," then explore for the "Text-to-speech output" choice underneath the Speech section. Turning on personalised Recognition on the subsequent page can assist in giving you additional correct speech synthesis over time. This tip needs a bit patience – you may not notice abundant improvement in transcription accuracy initially, however over time your device can go with your personal inflections.

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Android Tips 2 (Load Flash content on demand)

                                  Load Flash content on demand

One of the nice things concerning having an Android phone is that you simply will read Flash content, as well as videos, that the iPhone cannot render (at least, not right within the browser). however if all that wealthy website is slowing down your browsing – or you are bumping against the limit on a metered knowledge arrange – you may not wish to load all the Flash content on a page automatically. No problem.

On the Settings page of the stock Android browser, faucet “Advanced.” On consequent page, amendment “Enable plug-ins” from “Always” to “On demand” and restart the browser. currently after you get to a Flash video on a page, you’ll see an arrow icon where the content would be. faucet it to load that little bit of Flash. easy as that.

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Android Tips 1 (Respond to a call with a text message)

                 Respond to a call with a text message

Sometimes, necessary calls return at inopportune times, like when you are during a meeting or deep in face-to-face conversation. What does one do once you cannot obtain, however don't desire to blow the caller off? Android has you lined.

If you've got a tool running Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, the “incoming call” screen can provide you with 3 response options: obtain, ignore, or "ignore with text." The thanks to choose that choice varies from phone to phone (on most Samsung phones, you slide the decision icon up instead of left or right), however the result's a listing of canned text messages like "Can't speak currently. decision me back in 5 minutes?" you'll even embody custom messages on this list to send to your caller, presumably averting uncomfortable “Why did not you decide up your phone?” discussions afterward.

If you are running Froyo, consider the free “Incoming decision and (beta)” app. it's going to provide you with a similar feature, though you'll need to place up with a different-looking “Incoming Call” screen.

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Format Factory 2.96 Portable Free Download

FormatFactory a pair of.96 portable Multilingual | forty eight MB
The multipurpose converter of varied files of multimedia. Has it's glad the extra functions remodeling FormatFactory within the universal tool for work with multimedia files of various formats. changing of well-liked video formats in MP4, 3GP, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF, and conjointly changing of audioformats in MP3, WMA, MMF, AMR, OGG, M4A, WAV is supported. In FormatFactory there's a operate of transformation of pictures in formats JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO, GIF, PCX, TGA. Among further potentialities FormatFactory is such, as increase and rotation of pictures, assignment by it, and conjointly restoration of the broken audio and video files.
Format Factory could be a multifunctional media converter.
Provides functions below:

Format Factory's Feature:
1 support changing all well-liked video,audio,picture formats to others.
2 Repair broken video and audio file.
3 Reducing Multimedia file size.
4 Support iphone,ipod multimedia file formats.
5 image changing supports Zoom,Rotate/Flip,tags.
6 DVD Ripper.
7 Supports fifty languages

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win seven
Language : English

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