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How to fix DPC Watchdog violation error in windows 8, 8.1 and 10

DPC watchdog violation error is common blue screen death error that occurs many of the windows computers. This error is known as BSOD error because DPC watchdog error message is displayed in a blue screen and saying that your computer needs to restart to fix this error. In windows 8 and 10 this error message shows in a friendly blue color screen.

Reasons For DPC Watchdog Violation error

There are many reasons that cause this error. Among these he most common reason is using older firmware for SSD drive that not supported by windows. And also this error can cause when using outdated drivers in the computer. Some times installing some of the softwares also can cause this error.

How to fix DPC Watchdog Violation

There are many methods to fix DPC Watchdog Violation error. Try one by one from the methods given below.

  1. This is most successful method to fix this error.
  2. First you need to power off the computer. So power off the computer by pressing the power button.
  3. Now turn on by pressing the power button again.
  4. After you press the power button now continuously press F8 button.
  5. Now you will get a black screen with some options. Select Safe Mode and press enter.
  6. After your PC opens in safe mode remove all the driver softwares of the external drivers. (Mostly this error occurs with outdated or damaged drivers.)
  7. Now again install updated fresh version of drivers.
  8. Then restart your PC.

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Casper Snapchat v1.5.6.2 [latest] free download officially

The Casper Snapchat Apk is the best alternative available so far for the most famous official Snapchat messaging app. Many of the snapchat users now tends to looking for a alternative app for the snapchat. Because it lacks many of the important and useful features that other alternative snapchat apps have. Casper snapchat has become the best app among the other alternatives. The main feature of casper snapchat is it can save snaps and also it can forward snaps.

Download Casper Snapchat

Download the latest version of Casper Snapchat Apk officially from the following link.

Features of Casper Snapchat
  • Can save snaps that you have received like a ghost. The sender will never know that you have downloaded them.
  • With casper you can forward the received stories and also the snaps.
  • There are many filters available, so you can apply them to the snaps.
  • There are Slide filters to edit the photos like professionals.
  • Imoji SDK is integrated in the casper snapchat, so you can use thousands of stickers in it.
  • And many more fun! 

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It's All About iOS Cydia Download

What is Cydia?

There are millions of smartphones in the world. Among them, Apple takes major place of them. There are various Apple devices such as, iOS devices, Mac, Tv and so on. In this case, to use Cydia we must have an iOS device. After that, we could be able to Cydia download. Cyda is not in built in iOS devices. You must jailbreak your device to download Cydia. If you Cydia download on your device, it gives many features and abilities to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device instantly. That's why Apple doesn't like it.

How to Cydia download?

You must jailbreak your device first to get Cydia on your device. Jailbreak is a process to remove restrictions and limitations of Apple. To release a jailbreak tool, jailbreaking teams follow exploits and vulnerabilities of the iOS version. 

Tap here to Cydia download


There are various jailbreak teams in the community. iNstantJB, TaiG, Pangu are some of them. Among them, iNstantJB team is the most user-friendly and effective team in this community. Their tools supports almost all the iOS versions. They provide many features and services to the iOS users.

TaiG team released fully functional tool to the iOS 8.4.1 version. That is the latest tool of them. Pangu team released their latest tool for the iOS 9.1 64 bit devices. 

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Autorun Virus Remover Full Version Free Download

Autorun Virus Remover v3.1 Full Version - Antivirus is a software that can assist you in securing and keeping your computer / laptop from autorun.inf viruses which try to infect your system hardware such as USB stick, external hard drives etc. For iPod capabilities of Autorun Virus Remover We seem to have no need to question more, various award from the websites of the same class is proof that Softpedia this program is very power full in securing a number of pc of the virus spreading in the world's largest & fastest

Does your antivirus can't remove the autorun& autorun.inf virus in your system or USB storage device completely? Or even they can't detect the virus? 
Autorun& autorun.inf virus is a new kind of virus/trojan, most of common antivirus products such as Kaspersky, Nod32, Avast, AVG can do little about this kind of virus/trojan. 

Autorun Virus Remover:

  •     100% protection against any threats via USB drive
  •     Remove autorun virus in the infected system
  •     The best solution to protect offline computer
  •     100% compatible with other antivirus software
  •     Pay once and get it all (All Updates FREE)
  •     USB stick, Removable disk, Mp3, etc are supported
  •     Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  •     Easy to use

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Microsoft Talk iT Full setup free download

Talk It!, also called TalkAny, was a popular text-to-speech (TTS) software by SoftVoice, Inc. and was originally included in the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Plus! under the name of "Microsoft Plus! for Kids". It was used to teach children pronunciation of words and for simple text-to-speech uses, including narration and accessibility.
Talk It! came in two languages, Spanish and English. It was one of the first programs to properly pronounce two different languages.

Microsoft Talk iT:-
Microsoft Talk it is a popular software which is really of fun and enjoyment but it is also can be used for learning purpose.

if you can't pronounciate a word so just copy that word and paste in the text box and press "Talk it!"
so it will say.
you also can copy a lot of sentences and paste it in the text Box and by pressing "Talk it"
all words are be talked.

You can choose different characters to talk ,you can choose a men or a boy or a kid and some others.
 Talk It ! software system is just awing text to speech consumer official delivered by Microsoft that aims for a few fun and humor. currently you'll be children and luxuriate in this wonderful software system which may build sounds of any character displayed. you simply got to sort some text than you select that characters sound you would like and click on on speak It! button displayed and it'll begin repetition those sounds.

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How to Connect 2 computers together with an Ethernet cable?

Have a Good day guys! Today I'm going to tell you a little different thing, but I think this will helpful for many. If you have a problem "how to copy a big file to a another computer or a laptop" this article will solve your problem. Nowadays there are many ways to do that. Things like Big Capacity pen drives, External hard disks. So this a very easy thing that everybody can do. We can network two computers together very easily with a rj45 Network cable and a computer that working the network card properly. Actually this is for connecting two computers together. In this method you don't need a network router. In this method you need to do is connect the rj45 network cable to the both computers.

This is the rj45 Network cable.

There are very easy steps to follow. Check below

1. Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center.
 2.Click the "Change Adapter Settings"
3. Local Area Connection >> Right Click >> Properties.
4. Select "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)" >> Then >>" Properties"

5. Then select "Use the Following IP Address"
6. Type to "IP Address"
7. Type for the subnet mask.
8. Type for the default Gateway

See the photo below

For the other computer 

1. Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center. 
2. Click "Change Adapter Settings" 
3. Right click "Local Area Connection" then properties 
4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) then Properties
5. Select "Use the Following IP Address"
6. Type for the IP Address 
7. Type for the subnet mask 
8. Type for the Default Gateway 

See the photo below 

To see the settings are correct type "cmd" on the start and open the command prop. Then on the command prop type "ping" and press enter. If it displays like below, all the settings are configured properly. 

1. After that click the folder you want to share as shown in the below picture

2.Then add "Everyone" and click share

Then on "My computer" you can see the two computers networked. If you can log on to the other computer after clicking on it, then there is no problem you can share anything. If not you have to fill the logging details of other computer.

After that we need to make a Homegroup so for that click "Homegroup" and click "Create a homegroup" on control panel. ( check below)

After that select what you want share and click Next. You can see a password on the next window. Actually you don't need to remember this because you can change this later.

Go to the other computer and click "home group" on control panel. They you can see something like "join now"so make the settings as done before.

After that go to "control panel" > "Network and sharing center" > "Advanced sharing settings" in here, if all the settings are like on the picture below you are done.

Now all are finished. You can share anything very easily!!

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Super Hide IP v3.2.0.2 Full Free Download

Why Hide My IP
Many websites and software applications use your IP address to track and profile your online activity. When you connect to the Internet, your computer is assigned an IP address, which is your unique identification number on the Internet. This number may contain information about where you are located, who you are, and what programs are running on your computer.

Do you know what your IP address means? Are you aware that your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Many websites and hackers use IP address to monitor your home address and other personal information. Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Super Hide IP allows you to surf anonymously, keep your IP address hidden, protect your personal information against hackers and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with a simple click of a button.


Key Features
* Anonymous Web Surfing
Click Hide IP button and you will be assigned fake IP addresses, preventing others from getting your true IP when surfing the Internet.
* Protect Your Identity
Surf anonymously to prevent hackers or identity thieves from monitoring your web activity or intercepting your personal information such as your financial information.
* Choose IP Country
You can select to use fake IP from different countries via "Choose IP Country" option and can Check IP directly.
* Send Anonymous E-mails
Hide your IP in E-mail headers. Be protected while sending e-mails via Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail.
* Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Restricted Websites
Use Super Hide IP to change your IP which allows you to access any forums or websites that has ever banned you.
* Platform
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Anonymous Surfing with Super Hide IP
Protect your privacy on the Internet. Use Super Hide IP to surf anonymously, prevent hackers from monitoring your online activities or identity thieves from stealing your identity and other personal information, send anonymous email, and un-ban yourself from forums or restricted websites.

With Super Hide IP, you are able to be assigned one of our fake IP addresses which can be from different countries such as United States, United Kingdom, France, etc. Super Hide IP works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks and any other kind of Internet.

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Photo Effects Studio 3.15 Full version free download

Today I"m going to give a amazing software that can use to edit photos very easily. Actually everyone likes to edit their photos and to add amazing effects. Now you can do it very easily without a good knowledge on photo editing. To edit photos many are using photoshop because it is the best for editing photos but everyone can't work with it. Actually to work with it you should have a good knowledge about Photoshop.But now you don't need skills for photo editing use this software it is very easy everyone can work with it.It is Photo Effects Studio 3.15. You can download it with us for free.

Here are some screen shots;

The program allows you to add fantastic glows and fog, generate the effects of rain, snow, lightning and a starry night... You will be able to create the effect of an old photo, pencil drawing, mosaic, engraving, book illustration and much more. Photo Effects Studio also includes a set of unique filters, for example, poker-work, cubism and photomontage.

You will also be able to make your photos more stylish with the help of frames and masks and also add text and decorations. The program includes a large collection of classic and modern frames to any taste. They will add a final touch to your composition.

A lot of effects, the possibility of their combination and also the comfortable interface of the program offer you limitless freedom for creative work!

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Power data recovery full version free download

Free Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery 6.6+Serial Key+Full Version Free.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an easy-to-use and all in one free file recovery software for home users. With this most effective free file recovery tool, you do not need to have technical background to use it. All the data recovery steps are logical and easy like 1-2-3. Just follow the data recovery step, and you will get your lost data back. Unlike other free file recovery software. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is very powerful and professional. It not only helps you recover deleted files, but also recovers data from damaged, reformatted hard drive as well. Furthermore, MiniTool Power Data Recovery not only recovers data from hard disk and RAID device, but also supports to recover data from CD, DVD disks, memory card, memory stick, and flash drive.

Power information Recovery may be a computer file Recovery code and information Recovery code. Power information recovery code might assist you recover all of your information in spite of the information is lost by accidental deletion, format, re-partition, system crash or virus attack. Power information recovery is in a position to scan your device sector by sector to recover what ever left on your device. Power information Recovery give deep scan module which may scan and analyze data format together with Microsoft workplace files, digital graphics/pictures, audio/video files. Please visit deep scan page for complete raw file format list.

Feature overview :
• Recover data after accidental deletion
• Recover data after an accidental format
• Recover data from an inaccessible volume (logical drive)
• Recover data after FAT corruption
• Recover data after repartition (fdisk)
• Recover data from a crashed physical device
• Recover data after an MBR corruption
• Recover data from a hard disk drive, camera card, USB drive, Zip, floppy disk
• Recover data for any error except physical damage

Key Features :
• Supports FAT 12/16/32
• Supports NTFS
• Supports NTFS compressed and encrypted files
• Supports Dynamic Volume including Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Stripe Volume, Mirror Volume and  Raid Volume.
• Supports RAW data recovery
• Built-in preview function
• Built-in resume recovery function
• Built-in Recovery Wizard

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WinRAR 4.01 Final Activated [.ZIP] (32/64 bit Include)

Stealing the crown from WinZip, the previously undisputed king of file compression apps, WinRAR is a must-have in any modern-day PC toolkit. The application not only includes support for extracting virtually any kind of file compression format, it also boasts a no-nonsense approach to reducing file sizes.

Some will argue that the application isn�t as quick as WinZip at compressing files. However, for the small lag in time difference, you end up with a significantly smaller archived file at the end of the process with WinRAR. What�s more, the application allows you to save files into both ZIP and RAR formats, with a multitude of options for speeding up compression times, or reducing file sizes at the expense of a few more seconds.

Although many newcomers might be put off by the sheer range of features and settings within the program, the interface doesn�t take long to get accustomed to, and if you�re still really stuck there�s a simple wizard-based system that walks you through the process of extracting or compressing. All this adds up to make WinRAR a dependable utility that performs better than any other tool in its class.

Boasting more compression options, higher compression rates and smaller file sizes than WinZip, WinRAR is now the undisputed market leader in file compression.
x32 and x64 bit versions included!

English, Spanish, German

WinRAR supports the following formats:


Install Info.
1. Uninstall any previous version of WinRAR!
2.And Click install on this setup of WinRAR...  


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