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How to Connect 2 computers together with an Ethernet cable?

Have a Good day guys! Today I'm going to tell you a little different thing, but I think this will helpful for many. If you have a problem "how to copy a big file to a another computer or a laptop" this article will solve your problem. Nowadays there are many ways to do that. Things like Big Capacity pen drives, External hard disks. So this a very easy thing that everybody can do. We can network two computers together very easily with a rj45 Network cable and a computer that working the network card properly. Actually this is for connecting two computers together. In this method you don't need a network router. In this method you need to do is connect the rj45 network cable to the both computers.

This is the rj45 Network cable.

There are very easy steps to follow. Check below

1. Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center.
 2.Click the "Change Adapter Settings"
3. Local Area Connection >> Right Click >> Properties.
4. Select "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)" >> Then >>" Properties"

5. Then select "Use the Following IP Address"
6. Type to "IP Address"
7. Type for the subnet mask.
8. Type for the default Gateway

See the photo below

For the other computer 

1. Start >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center. 
2. Click "Change Adapter Settings" 
3. Right click "Local Area Connection" then properties 
4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) then Properties
5. Select "Use the Following IP Address"
6. Type for the IP Address 
7. Type for the subnet mask 
8. Type for the Default Gateway 

See the photo below 

To see the settings are correct type "cmd" on the start and open the command prop. Then on the command prop type "ping" and press enter. If it displays like below, all the settings are configured properly. 

1. After that click the folder you want to share as shown in the below picture

2.Then add "Everyone" and click share

Then on "My computer" you can see the two computers networked. If you can log on to the other computer after clicking on it, then there is no problem you can share anything. If not you have to fill the logging details of other computer.

After that we need to make a Homegroup so for that click "Homegroup" and click "Create a homegroup" on control panel. ( check below)

After that select what you want share and click Next. You can see a password on the next window. Actually you don't need to remember this because you can change this later.

Go to the other computer and click "home group" on control panel. They you can see something like "join now"so make the settings as done before.

After that go to "control panel" > "Network and sharing center" > "Advanced sharing settings" in here, if all the settings are like on the picture below you are done.

Now all are finished. You can share anything very easily!!

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