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Your Favorite iPhone 5 Rumors for Iphone lovers

Some of you will already be sick of reading regarding iPhone five rumors, however we have a tendency to simply can’t get enough. however even though the rumors are higher than what Apple releases, I’m certain we’ll see hoards of individuals waiting in line overnight, simply to be the primary to urge their hands on the new iPhone. bear in mind when Apple released the iPhone fourS? everybody was complaining that it had been rather like the iPhone 4, however return sale day, millions flocked to Apple stores round the world.

So of the rumors we’re hearing regarding the iPhone five, what interests folks the most?

Bigger, thinner screen

A lot of individuals are complaining that the iPhone’s screen is simply too little, and other people with larger hands have a tough time texting or sending e-mails. thus folks are very curious if consecutive iPhone are going to be larger, with 4-4.6-inch screen?  And if that’s true, it wouldn’t hurt if consecutive iPhone were slimmer to create up for the larger size.  Rumor has it, they’re using in-cell bit panels, which might create the phone slimmer because it eliminates the necessity for an extra screen.


Companies are pushing for cashless and cardless transactions, because it would be easier for each merchants and customers.  The merchants simply want a station for shoppers where they might faucet their NFC devices and also the transaction is complete.  As additional folks perceive the advantage of this, the question now could be, can Apple be part of the race? can the iPhone five very have NFC and can or not it's used for that purpose?

Nano SIM

Every smartphone or itinerant wants a SIM card thus shoppers might use it to decision, send SMS/MMS and to own access to the net within the absence of a WiFi network. we have a tendency to used to own some hefty SIMs however as OEMs makes additional advanced smartphones, the SIM size appears to be obtaining smaller.  If you thought Apple’s micro SIM was little, then you may get the shock of your life when the new iPhone comes out.  Rumor has it, the new iPhone are going to be employing a nano SIM, littleer than the micro SIM however not thus small that you simply would wish a microscope to search out it.


Some sources say that the iPhone five can have a teardrop form with an oval home button, however others say it'll still look very similar to the iPhone 4S, simply slightly larger.  It wouldn’t hurt if Apple modified the looks a little, because it would doubtless push folks to shop for, signaling to the planet they’ve gotten the latest iDevice.  Another thing: some say Apple is using LiquidMetal for the rear cowl, as it’s just about indestructible. thus those that usually drop their iPhones won’t have to be compelled to worry the maximum amount.


The iPhone 4S has an 8MP rear camera and a VGA front camera.  Rumor has it, the iPhone five can have an 8MP or perhaps higher rear camera, and a 2MP front camera. we have a tendency to can’t deny it, we have a tendency to all use our phones as our primary camera recently, thus we’re constantly searching for smartphones with higher cameras. except for smartphones being additional accessible, it’s easier to share photos using our smartphones.  The Nokia features a 41MP camera on the PureView and Samsung has the good shot whereby it chooses the most effective photo, and BlackBerry gave a preview of their BB10 device whereby you'll be able to dial-back thus you never have photos along with your eyes closed. thus Apple higher bring their A-game and provides folks higher than 8MP.

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