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Use a Wifi Watcher to track your Wifi usage

First I will tell what is mean by a Wifi connection.Wifi is the short term of "Wireless Fidelity".Simply it is a wireless network that used in connecting to interenet. If there's a wifi connection we can connect to the internet wirelessly and very easily.So to provide a wifi connection there should be wifi Router.The Wifi providing place is known as a Wifi Hotspot.And for connect with internet we should have a wifi dongle or Wifi adapter with our computer.These wifi adapters can be connect to computers very easily with USB. Actually the wifi is transmitted by radio waves as mobile phones, televisions and radios. Wifi router convert internet connection into a radio wave and has a range of about 20 meters.

 Actually I gave you small introduction about Wifi I think you can undertand it.Now I tell you about the Wifi watcher.This software will be very important for those who are using internet with Wifi.When you using internet with your own Wifi Hotspot and you are not protect it with a password.So anyone can use your wifi connection now don't afraid about that with this software you can track who uses your Wifi connection.And you can identify who uses your wifi connection. This Software is "WiFi Network Watcher". From this you can get mac address also. This is a portable freeware Download and Enjoy!!!

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