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20 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tips and tricks

20 Android Ice Cream Sandwich tips and tricksGoogle's

latest version of its Android software takes it up to version four.0 and better, that is usually called the Ice Cream Sandwich update of the mobile OS.
The big selling purpose is that it unifies the expertise across all hardware, therefore users of phones running ICS see largely an equivalent interface, albeit with some layout changes for the larger screened devices.
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Of course, there is still the problem of manufacturer skins to require under consideration. whereas Android four.0 offers a basic and seriously updated feature set, some tools and options is also missing or accessed through completely different|completely different} means that when using an equivalent OS on phones created by different firms.
So Samsung's Android four.0 update, that we're seeing arrive on its Galaxy S II straight away, appearance and works differently to the Android four.0 you may shortly see arriving on HTC's exciting new One Series of phones.
Which makes compiling a listing of tips that employment on all versions of the OS out there rather exhausting. however enough of our moaning. Here are many helpful shortcuts to obtaining the foremost out of your Ice Cream Sandwich serving, whenever the metaphorical waitress decides to bring it to your metaphorical table.

1. Add fast controls to the browser

One of the choices buried beneath the Labs section of Android four.0's internet browser is that the fast Controls possibility. This adds a pop-out menu to the browser, that pulls in an exceedingly very little semi-circular assortment of shortcuts to the most browser options, removing the URL bar and supplying you with a lot of screen to play with. Also, holding down the rear button is that the Android customary approach of citing the bookmarks and history tool, too. however that is been around for years.

Quick controls

2. Long-press to uninstall

Long-pressing on an app at intervals the app drawer enables you to drag it to a Home screen, however it conjointly pops up some of menus along the highest of the screen. App information provides you the boring technical stuff concerning what proportion memory it's taking over, otherwise you will fling it off the opposite thanks to uninstall it.

3. Flying Android screensaver

One odd undocumented very little secret at intervals Android four.0 is that this strange very little assortment of flying Androids, that you'll... look at. examine for as long as you prefer. To activate it, head into the phone's concerning screen and hammer away at the Android Version tab and it will all happen.

Flying Androids

4. Save your eyes with inverted rendering

Inverted rendering may be a posh approach of claiming it makes the pages black and turns the text white, therefore it's like you are reading the net from 1997. It conjointly supposedly saves battery, and is simpler on the eyes if you are reading within the dark. It's below the browser's settings tab, at intervals the accessibility space - and there is a distinction slider, too.

Inverted rendering

5. Set a custom rejection text message

When your Twitter action is rudely interrupted by somebody truly telephoning you, there is a polite thanks to offer the caller the boot. Android 4.0 lets users ping a rejection text message to callers - and you are able to customize this too. simply answer a decision and ping the lock screen notification up to access to custom rejection messaging space.

6. Stop app icons automatically showing

One of the numerous new ICS options is that the approach Google lets apps automatically add shortcuts to themselves on your Home screen when they've finished putting in. It's helpful, however if you are a management freak and want to stay 100% answerable of your Home layout, head to the Google Play app's settings tab and untick the Auto-add Shortcuts toggle.

Home Screen

7. there is a Settings shortcut within the Notifications pane

That little settings icon within the ICS notifications space is not only art to fill the area. it is a shortcut to your phone or tablet's settings space. therefore use that rather than giving it a Home screen icon slot all to itself.

8. Manually shut apps

Google's beautiful new recent apps multitasking menu conjointly enables you to shut apps quickly, must you suspect one's gone rogue. A Long-press at intervals the Recent Apps listing enables you to visit the app's information page, from where you'll simply force shut it.


9. take away the lock screen

It's potential to thoroughly bin your Android four.0 lock screen, creating the phone instantly flip itself on after you press the facility button. it is a security nightmare, however if your phone lives entirely on your desk and you demand instant access with none unlocking, head to Security > Screen lock and choose none. Then be terribly careful.

10. Folders within the dock

Android's new official love of folder formation creates it dead straightforward to mix app shortcuts and make folders, just by dragging one icon on high of another. you'll create these teams of apps even easier to access by dragging a folder onto the ICS floating dock, which means you'll squeeze stacks a lot of content on to every creaking Home screen.


11. Take photos whereas recording video

The Android four.0 camera app that arrived with the Galaxy Nexus has one cool very little additional feature - the flexibility to fireside off still photos whereas recording video clips. merely tapping the screen takes an attempt at full resolution, that is saved to the phone's gallery whereas the video's still happily recording away.


12. Bin animations and transitions

Hidden at intervals the Developer choices section of the Ice Cream Sandwich software are quite many nerdy ways in which to adapt your phone. Most will not be of any use to people who are simply using their phone as a phone, however if you wish it to feel faster, or a minimum of look alittle totally different, the scrolling, zooming effects on windows and menus will be edited in some ways.

13. Take a grab of your phone

Screen grabbing of your phone's show is finally in Android. On the Galaxy Nexus, it's activated through holding the facility button and volume down switch. On HTC's new models it's done by holding the facility button and pressing Home. alternative phones had totally different techniques for doing this before Ice Cream Sandwich, however it's smart to ascertain this currently changing into a part of the quality Android feature set in Android four.0.


14. Long-press dotted words

When typing on the Android four.0 keyboard, you'll see some instructed words seem with the "..." icon beneath. Doing a long-press on this one can pop up a far larger window of instructed words, letting you bail out on a number of that tedious typing alittle quicker.

15. Add extra faces

The ICS face unlock feature, as found within the Galaxy Nexus, enables you to unlock it by scanning your face with the front camera. that is nice, however what if you haven't shaved for a month? The software will truly store multiple pictures of your face, therefore you'll do left parting, right parting, shaved, unshaved - or perhaps add a trusted a follower to the visually verified user list.

Face unlock

16. Experiment with GPU settings

Another hidden very little gem found at intervals the event choices tab is that the hardware acceleration 'Force On' toggle. This makes ICS decide to boost the performance of any apps that do not already use the feature. it's going to conjointly break them within the method, though, therefore it's one thing of an effort and error fiddling exercise to try to to on a awfully rainy day.

17. sort like an adult

Make a indicate grammatical standards during this day and age by long-pressing on the stock Android four.0 keyboard's full stop button. This brings up such doomed punctuation as commas and speech marks, and even a semicolon for the additional brave mobile typist.

Adult typing

18. Nick wallpapers off the net

Found a beautiful photograph of some stars, a reasonably laptop generated planet or perhaps the mighty Professor Brian Cox himself? Long-pressing on any image within the internet browsers enables you to instantly set it as your wallpaper, while not the effort of saving it, finding it, and setting it the good distance.

19. Limit background method

If you fancy an excellent a lot of serious little bit of fiddling, an equivalent ICS developer space contains the choice to "limit background process" demands by the OS. you'll use this to prevent your phone or pill storing such a lot of apps in memory. whether or not this has any impact of the particular battery lifetime of us users is up for dialogue, but again, it's one thing to play with and see if it suits your phone use patterns.

20. Quickly access Notifications

Here's an easy nonetheless huge amendment Google's created in Android four.0 - the Notifications pane will be accessed from the lock screen. Press power, bit the Notifications space, then scroll all the way down to scan your latest messages. clearly it is a little bit of a security risk and lets anyone access your messages, therefore best watch out.

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