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Android Tips 1 (Respond to a call with a text message)

                 Respond to a call with a text message

Sometimes, necessary calls return at inopportune times, like when you are during a meeting or deep in face-to-face conversation. What does one do once you cannot obtain, however don't desire to blow the caller off? Android has you lined.

If you've got a tool running Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, the “incoming call” screen can provide you with 3 response options: obtain, ignore, or "ignore with text." The thanks to choose that choice varies from phone to phone (on most Samsung phones, you slide the decision icon up instead of left or right), however the result's a listing of canned text messages like "Can't speak currently. decision me back in 5 minutes?" you'll even embody custom messages on this list to send to your caller, presumably averting uncomfortable “Why did not you decide up your phone?” discussions afterward.

If you are running Froyo, consider the free “Incoming decision and (beta)” app. it's going to provide you with a similar feature, though you'll need to place up with a different-looking “Incoming Call” screen.

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