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DiaryOne 6.8 Build 2009.5.5.270

DiaryOne 6.8 Build 2009.5.5.270

That’s an excellent and wonderful factor to put in writing down our life. or even you would like to preserving the daily journal, log, etc. DiaryOne may be a artistic multimedia diary software for storing your personal data securely.

Key feature:
Diary to MSN areas - you'll publish a number of your diary entries, that you would like to share along with your friends, to MSN areas blog by DiaryOne simply by clicking.

information - DiaryOne software will store not solely texts however conjointly multimedia
information as well as sounds, pictures, etc. typically you don’t wish to kind into the
diary software, {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} speak to DiaryOne and it can record your voice. That’s the sound diary. And DiaryOne contains a built-in money flow accounts keeper, you'll write down your imcome and expense on a daily basis then get the monthly money flow report.

Secret diary - DiaryOne stores any
information based mostly on account. Before using it, you need to produce an account for yourself. The account is protected by the password you specified. all of your privacy during this
diary software can never be accessed by others.

Secure diary - DiaryOne provides the protection for your information. It backups your information automatically on every occasion you shut it. It conjointly provides the backup/restore and also the export/import solutions at intervals the
diary software. And more, DiaryOne provides a lot of plug-ins for exporting your diaries to ‘CD Diary’, ‘Web Diary’, etc.

Diaries from internet - DiaryOne will get the text terribly simply, only one click, from an internet page. once you are visit an internet page with net Explorer, good click on the page and choose the item Save to DiaryOne within the menu, then the text during this page are saved to DiaryOne automatically.

Personalization - DiaryOne provides varied skins and stationeries for your diaries. you'll choose a diary skin as you prefer, a lot of skins may be got from the web site. the varied stationeries will suit the varied mood. When making account, DiaryOne provides several show image for your account, choose one as you prefer.

Shareable diary - you'll publish a number of your diary entries, that you would like to share along with your friends, to MSN areas blog by DiaryOne simply by clicking. DiaryOne conjointly comes with a built-in email sender. you'll send your pretty diary to your friends terribly simply.

Easy to use - DiaryOne is an easy-to-use
diary software. All operations are straightforward and human. It conjointly provides the spell checker tool for your diary.

Stylish and real-diarybook-like interface - DiaryOne simulate the $64000 diary-book.

Additional materials - DiaryOne provides several further materials in its package as well as further emotions, illustrates and photos. you'll use them in your diary simply. Of course, you'll add your own materials into the materials library.

Quickly and simply search - DiaryOne will realize what you would like quickly and simply. you merely want enter a phrase for looking, then DiaryOne can list the results to you.

Ensure the latest
version - DiaryOne comes with a built-in good update system, it'll check for brand spanking new version automatically. this may make sure you are using the newest
version of DiaryOne. The latest
version means a lot of powerful and fewer bugs.


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