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Tips to protect your Facebook account

With new Facebook security measures there's no huge risk loosing your accounts. however day by day individuals notice new ways that to steal different people's accounts. therefore you ought to be additional careful if you post your non-public knowledge in your account. some individuals keep their non-public information like bank accounts different accounts usernames and password on notes. some individuals share their different on-line account details checking account details via chat. therefore when some one got access to your account they're going to steal all those knowledge. therefore you have got to be additional careful if you're sending your non-public and necessary knowledge on chat.

So how we must always use caution once we browse net? i am going to offer some tips how you'll be able to secure your non-public knowledge on internet.

  • Never send your password to a different person
  • Add each password recovery E-mail address and your phone range 
  • If you logged in from in different places, clear all browsing knowledge when you finished browsing net. 
  • Enable Login Approvals for advanced security. therefore individuals cannot log in to your account even they need your username and password unless they need cookie files from your laptop.
  • Configure Advanced net security choices by reading the way to increase Facebook security.
  • When individuals send you suspicious links, raise them that they very sent that message or is that an automatic message. I've survived from numerous hacking tries by doing that.
  • Don't enable untrusted facebook apps.
  • Use https when unless you have got some trusted app to run that not supports https

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