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Androi Tips 5 (Google Voice integration)

                                           Google Voice integration

One of the simplest things regarding Android is its tight integration with the Google Apps suite. The Gmail consumer, as an example, is leaps and bounds prior to its iOS counterpart, providing you with the power to tag, filter, switch accounts, and just do regarding everything you'll do on the desktop version. perhaps the foremost versatile member of the Google Apps squad, though, is Google Voice.
Voice offers you a brand new phone variety (or you'll carry over your existing mobile number) that's tied to your Google account. you'll do all varieties of nifty things with this variety, like setting totally different voicemail greetings for various callers, forwarding the quantity to a separate line (or two), and having voicemails automatically transcribed to text therefore you'll browse them like regular messages. If you are moving to a brand new town, you would possibly additionally take into account signing up for a Google Voice variety with space|a neighborhood} area code – that method you'll droop on to your original variety, however additionally get the advantages of native calling rates.
With the correct setup, you'll additionally use Google Voice to induce free texts – notwithstanding your phone arrange does not embrace texting. Your Google Voice variety will each send and receive texts without charge, and your Android phone can offer you the choice to use that Voice variety because the default. Alternatively, ready to} tell it to forward texts as emails (you'll be able to answer incoming texts by email, as well). As long as you retain the info portion of your phone arrange, you'll pretty safely drop the messaging half.

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